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Real Freedom: It's More Than Fireworks 🎆

Tonight, as we light up the sky, I'm thinking about freedom. Real freedom.

Our founders fought for the big ones - worship how we want, speak our minds, pursue happiness.

But let's be real. Freedom and independence aren’t a relic of the past.

We fight daily battles:

  • Breaking free from debt

  • Pushing past our own doubts

  • Taking back our time

  • Cutting through the noise

  • Living life our way, not how others expect

Look around. I see families dreaming big–wanting to own their own home.

I see Americans ready to be truly free with their investments–to do good with them.

Each firework reminds me: we've got the power to break our own chains.

Freedom isn't only about politics or religion.

It's about building a life where we still call the shots.

That our kids have it better than we did.

This July 4th, let's commit to real independence.

Pray how you want. Speak your mind. And yeah, master your money. 

At REI Junkies, that's what gets us up in the morning. Helping folks find financial freedom. Because when you control your money, you have more control over your life.

So tonight, watch those fireworks and ask yourself: What's holding you back?

What's your next declaration of independence?

Let's make those founders proud. Let's be free. Really free.

Happy Fourth, America. Let freedom ring - in all the ways that matter.

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